Class ParTask

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public class ParTask

An extension of to create a jBpm process archive archive. Contains special treatment for files processdefinition.xml. (The Par task is a shortcut for specifying the particular layout of a PAR file. The same thing can be accomplished by using the prefix and fullpath attributes of zipfilesets in a Zip or Jar task.) The extended zipfileset element from the zip task (with attributes prefix, fullpath, and src) is available in the Par task. Behavior: [1] processdefinitionxml attribute must be specified. The file specified there will end up as ./processdefinition.xml in the resulting PAR [2] The nested classes element specifies a FileSet. It is optional. All files included in this fileset will end up in the classes directory of the par file

Raka Angga Jananuraga (

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 void addClasses( fs)
protected  void cleanUp()
protected  void initZipOutputStream( zOut)
 void setProcessdefinitionxml( descr)
protected  void zipFile( file, zOut, java.lang.String vPath, int mode)
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Constructor Detail


public ParTask()
Method Detail


public void setProcessdefinitionxml( descr)


public void addClasses( fs)


protected void initZipOutputStream( zOut)
initZipOutputStream in class


protected void zipFile( file,
                       java.lang.String vPath,
                       int mode)
zipFile in class


protected void cleanUp()
cleanUp in class

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